Unboxing the television

Television is becoming ever less about the box in the corner of the room, and ever more about the content it gives you access to. Now, along with that content, comes the chance to connect with friends, strangers and brands.  We’ve all been there – whether we’re wailing along to the #americanidol on a Saturday night or resisting the urge to throw something at the screen during a #bbcqt debate – more and more of us are keen to recreate the traditional water cooler moment with something a little more instantly gratifying.

With an overcrowded media, on-demand culture and ever-growing number of channels vying for our attention, can the humble television continue to compete for engaged viewers with the slew of tablets, smartphones and netbooks that are saturating the market? We think there are three trends that pose risks and opportunities for television as it stands today: the emergence of the superevent, immersive, interactive television, and a screen who knows who I am.

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