Sentient world

For 20 years, the web has changed everything. We now have the power to give, buy, sell and share ideas instantaneously, connecting with neighbours, fellow superfans or businesses operating halfway around the world. But another, related, web is emerging. It’s often called the internet of things, but it’s not a different internet.  What is changing is the number of inanimate objects that have the sensors and transmitters required to become connected in a meaningful way.

People have been talking for ten years about the fridge that will know when you run out of milk and send a message out for more. But the sentient world is now beginning to be a reality. In France, it was recently announced that a start-up had launched a nationwide mobile network designed entirely for the use of inanimate objects. This is the year to start taking the internet of things seriously and understanding how this sentient world could help marketing and communications professionals.

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