Internal social networks

A question many companies ask themselves is how to ensure their employees stay productive and “on task”. Over the past few years, as normal working people (not just students) joined Facebook to play Farmville and share their thoughts, the perception that social networks boost employee productivity has suffered. Employers have tackled Facebook in a number of different ways; the most common of which is to ban access to the site from work.

All this ignores the unequivocal boost in networking efficiency social networks like Facebook deliver. So what should companies do about their employees’ desire to connect during work time? This corporate conundrum has been tackled partly by the rush of companies building their own social networks using tools such as Yammer, Jive and Convo. These are going to help build relationships across companies. You know, it won’t be too long before we hear Fortune 500 CEOs being given the position based on how many likes and pokes they received on the company’s Facebook.

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